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OSA 3 - Avskiljarlarm

OSA 3 - Separator alarm

Artnr: 1310
Rsknr: 5619597

Level alarm for oil, gasoline or
grease separators.

• Capacitive measuring principle
• ATEX certified
• Surface, highlevel and sludge alarm

Separators for oil, gasoline or grease should have an alarm unit.

Separators for oil, gasoline and oil must be emptied in time. This is normally a requirement from the authorities. The separator alarm OSA gives an alarm signal so that the separator can be emptied before any hazardous liquid leaves the separator.

The Afriso ema type OSA alarm system with capacitive and special thermistor type sensors is designed specially for use with gasoline, oil or grease separators and an ultrasonic sludge probe.

The OSA alarm system consists of a wall mounting control unit with two output relays, integrated piezo-electric buzzer and LED indicators, an ES4 capacitive probe for oil alarm,

and an optional R6-special thermistor probe for high level liquid alarm, ES8 on ultrasonic sludge probe, all probes are EX certified.

Each probe is fitted with a 5 metre long cable, and is suspended in the separator chamber to the required level. The tip of the ES4 probe should be mounted 150 mm below the constant water level in the separator. At this setting the OSA will give an oil alarm for a gasoline or oil/grease layer of

150 mm.

The OSA unit will also provide a separate high level liquid alarm if fitted with the optional R6-special thermistor probe. The high level liquid alarm is given when the level reaches the R6 probe, for example if the separator outlet is blocked.

If used with sludge probe type ES8, an alarm can be given when there is too much sludge/silt in the separator tank.

The Ema signal OSA3 has a built-in lcd-display in which all alarms and unit status is presented on the display.All types of alarms and necessary actions are presented as easy to understand messages on the display. The unit is easy to setup and has a built-in real time clock. This allows the unit to log any alarm actions. The unit is self controlling and gives automatically alarm when an error occurs on the inputs. The 2 relay outputs are user progremmeable/selectable.