Level transmitters

Level meters are instruments for accurately measuring and monitoring liquid or solid material levels in a variety of industrial, commercial and environmental applications.

Afriso is a leading supplier of high-quality level meters that combine precision, reliability and innovation. We are committed to offering products and services that contribute to a better environment and safer workplaces.


Afriso's level gauge - Solutions for every need

Afriso's range of level gauges is designed to offer solutions for all types of measurement challenges. Our instruments are capable of measuring levels in tanks, silos and containers, using technologies ranging from simple mechanical dipsticks to sophisticated ultrasonic and radar techniques. These level gauges are used in a variety of industries, including water treatment, chemical handling, food production and the petroleum industry, to ensure accurate monitoring and efficient handling of materials.

We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of our customers' unique needs. We offer a versatile product portfolio that can be customized to suit specific applications, whether it's simple level monitoring or complex system integrations for automated process control. Our goal is to offer solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, with a focus on sustainability, safety and efficiency.