Depot & Tank truck equipment

Depot and tank truck equipment, such as tank truck overfill protection, are critical components in the handling of liquids in various industrial and commercial contexts. These systems ensure not only efficient handling but also high safety when transferring chemicals, fuels and other liquids. A central element of this equipment is the overfill protection, which is essential to prevent accidents and environmental damage.


The importance of overfill protection in tank trucks

Overfill protection is a technical solution used to automatically stop the filling of a tank when the liquid level reaches a pre-defined maximum allowable point. This protection helps prevent spills, flooding and the potentially catastrophic environmental effects that can result from an overflow. In industrial contexts, where tankers are often used to transport chemicals and fuels, these systems are not only part of the regulatory framework but also a crucial part of the company's risk management strategy.

Function and components

The overfill protection in tank trucks usually consists of sensors placed in the tank that continuously measure the liquid level. These sensors are linked to a central unit that can take immediate action when levels approach critical points. The system can include different types of technologies such as capacitive, ultrasonic and optical sensors, each suitable for specific types of fluids and tank conditions.

Applications and advantages also in depots

The use of overfill protection extends beyond just tank trucks. These systems are equally relevant in depot environments where large storage tanks are used. By implementing these protection systems, companies can ensure higher safety standards and better compliance with environmental legislation. They also reduce the risk of costly spills and subsequent clean-up work.

Tailor-made solutions for depot and tanker equipment

Afriso offers a comprehensive range of depot and tank truck equipment, including advanced overfill protection. These products are carefully designed to meet stringent safety standards and promote safer, more sustainable handling of chemicals and other liquids. We also create tailor-made solutions that meet specific needs within various industrial applications.