Separator alarm

A separator alarm is a safety device used to monitor and warn of leakage or overfilling in oil and grease separators. These systems are important to prevent environmentally hazardous emissions and ensure that separators function correctly according to current regulations and standards. Afriso offers a wide range of separator alarms with advanced technical functions and high reliability.


How does a separator alarm work?

Separator alarms usually consist of sensors that are placed in the separator and an electronic unit. The sensors monitor liquid and solids levels and can detect if the separator needs to be emptied or if a leak is occurring. When an abnormal level is detected, a signal is sent to the alarm unit which activates an audible and/or light alarm, alerting the user that action is needed.

Advantages of separator alarms

  • Environmental safety: By early detection of overfilling or leakage, separator alarms can prevent environmental pollution.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Regular monitoring and early detection of problems can reduce the cost of remediation and repair.
  • Compliance: Using separator alarms helps companies comply with environmental laws and regulations, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.
  • Improved operational reliability: By keeping the separator in good condition and preventing problems before they become serious, separator alarms contribute to more reliable and efficient operation.

Functions and versatile applications

Many of the separator alarms in our range are also equipped with LCD screens that provide clear and easy-to-read readings of current levels, which facilitates monitoring and reduces the risk of incorrect readings. They also have relay outputs that can be used to integrate the alarm with other systems or processes, enabling an automated response when abnormal levels are detected.

Afriso – Your partner for reliable separator alarms

At Afriso, we offer a wide range of high-quality separator alarms that meet the latest standards and regulations. Our products are developed with advanced technology to ensure reliable performance and long life. We also provide support and service to help our customers get the most out of their separator systems.