Level switches

Level switches play a critical role in a range of industrial and commercial applications, from water treatment to chemical production. These devices are essential for monitoring and controlling levels of various media, such as liquids and bulk materials, ensuring operational reliability and efficiency in processes. Afriso offers level control solutions that strive to meet industry needs for reliability and precision.


A fundamental component of industrial efficiency and safety

Level switches are instruments designed to detect the level of a material in a container or tank. They can trigger an action, such as turning a pump on or off, opening or closing valves, or sending a warning signal, to prevent overfilling or emptying. There are several types of level switches, including liquid, ultrasonic, capacitive and conductive varieties, each suitable for specific applications and media.

Safety and efficiency in industrial processes with level switches

Level switches are designed using different technologies to suit a variety of industrial environments and media, including aggressive liquids, slurries and powders. In addition to basic level control, these devices are used in processes to improve safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

In water treatment plants, for example, level guards ensure that water and wastewater are managed properly, while in chemical process plants they monitor and regulate the storage and use of chemicals. Afriso's range of level switches is designed to meet these challenging needs, with a strong emphasis on quality, reliability and innovation. Level switches are an indispensable component in many industrial processes, and the choice of the right technology and supplier is crucial to ensure operational reliability and efficiency.

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