Gas detectors

In a world where safety and environmental protection are at the center, it is of utmost importance that companies and organizations have access to reliable and effective solutions to monitor potentially hazardous gases. We at Afriso specialize in offering products and services that contribute to a better environment and safer workplaces. Our dedication to protecting both people and their environment is reflected in our extensive range of gas detectors.


Safe working environment with gas detectors

Gas detectors are essential tools for detecting the presence of explosive, toxic gases or low oxygen levels in the environment. These devices are designed to provide early warnings, enabling quick action to prevent potential health hazards or explosions. Afriso offers a broad portfolio of gas monitoring solutions, from portable devices to advanced stationary systems. Our range includes products from world-leading manufacturers such as Honeywell Analytics, Ion Science and MSR, guaranteeing the highest possible quality and reliability.

Functions and areas of use

Our gas alarms and gas detectors are equipped with advanced technology to identify and quantify a wide range of gases. Depending on the needs, our customers can choose between different detection technologies, such as catalytic sensors for explosive gases or electrochemical sensors for specific toxic gases. This makes our products ideal for a range of environments, from industrial facilities and laboratories to public buildings. Our range of gas monitoring solutions includes both portable and stationary units, ensuring a comprehensive level of protection for various applications.

Choosing the right gas monitoring solution means understanding the specific risks in your environment. Our team of experts is always ready to provide personal support and advice to ensure our customers find the perfect solution for their unique needs.

As part of our commitment to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world, Afriso strives to offer the most reliable and efficient gas monitoring solutions with a wide range of gas alarms and stationary gas detectors.