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Multi Tank Alarm: MTA 6

Multi Tank Alarm - MTA 6

Artnr: 1335

• 6 sensor inputs

• ATEX certified

• Layer, dam, leakage & sludge alarms

Three different types of ATEX-certified sensors can be connected to the alarm unit. This means that the unit can be used for eg oil / grease / petrol separators (dam, leakage and sludge alarms). Pump pits, swamps etc where a fast response time is not required.

The system consists of alarm unit type MTA 6 together with one of the sensors ES4, R6-S or ES8. The alarm unit is EX-rated and has two potential-free relay outputs and a built-in acoustic alarm. The sensors are EX-certified and made of plastic (ES4) as well as of acid-resistant stainless steel (R6-S) and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (ES8).

The sensors are hung via their cable in the tank, well or separator.

Multi Tank Alarm MTA 6 has an LCD display with status indication in clear text. All alarms and measures for these are presented in a simple way on the display. It can be easily programmed for easier installation in the field.

MTA 6 has a built-in real-time clock, this makes it possible to see in the event log when the alarm status changes. The unit is self-checking and notifies if errors occur on the sensor inputs, for example in the event of an incorrect connection. The two relay outputs are programmable and the user can decide how to use them.


Dimensions: 175 x 125 x 75 mm (W x H x D).

Weight: 0.75 kg