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Afriso works on a concept with tailor-made service with our customers around the country.

A large part of the service business is carried out with us at Afriso, but we also take care of the on-site service for those customers who wish. This we determine in consultation with the customer and include agreements that specify the scope and the procedures that suit the customer.

We rarely need to fix direct defects in the products, usually it is about maintenance and other preventive services. In our own workshop, it is mostly gas detectors we serve, but we also perform other types of measures for the products we deliver so that you can still handle the work environment properly and protect employees and the environment. We also provide service for other vendors gas alarms and products than those we sell.

Important information about gas alarm service!

Control and calibration ...

... is very important to make you feel safe and secure with your new gas alarm.

Employers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that existing protective / safety equipment works as intended.
Therefore, it is imperative that all gas alarms / gas detectors be calibrated and tested with test gas at least once a year.

Most gas alarms are checked and calibrated twice a year.

When we check and calibrate your plant, you will receive a "Calibration Certificate", which is your receipt for the service to be performed according to the recommendations.

Please contact us at Afriso Ema for a free proposal.

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